Creating the ultimate pharmacy customer experience in 5 steps 

Ever wondered how to create the ultimate pharmacy customer experience in 5 steps, well here’s how…

The customer experience is sometimes forgotten when running a busy pharmacy. Here at Black Circle we have a few ideas ensure that your customer’s pharmacy experience is positive and meaningful in a few easy steps…

  1. The first step is to focus on meeting their needs and wishes- whilst ensuring that you remain consistent, reliable and up to date.
  2. Making the customer the main focus. Adapting your products, services and pharmacy layout and design to your customers’ needs, means you can give them a reason to keep on visiting your pharmacy time and time again. More than that, by enhancing their experience and delivering on your promises, you can earn their loyalty and trust, ensuring they become a customer for life.
  3. Offering real-life events within the pharmacy, shows the customer added value. It can also create community spirit and enhance their shopping experience even more.
  4. Consider what the customer actually requires – customers need more than just your products and services. When they are in your pharmacy they also want: a private consultation space; ease of access and manoeuvrability, somewhere to wait whilst waiting for prescriptions, to name a few.
  5. Make the pharmacy experience informative – customers love information and this could be relayed in features within the pharmacy- easily achieved without it being over powering.

Any one of these points can be used to transform your space and offer your customers a more worthwhile experience, and Black Circle can help you too. Whether its redesigning your pharmacy with a clear customer path or adding treatment rooms; our team can identify the needs and wishes of your customers, and ensure that your pharmacy offers them a truly informative, valuable experience.

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