Your objectives are where we start.

We work hard to understand what you want to achieve as an organisation and how the space you have will contribute to that.

We call it objective-led design.

It’s where Black Circle fit in.


When we have a solid understanding, we bring to bare our combined experience, talents, skills and qualifications to guide you through the process of creating a space that meets your needs and helps you achieve your objectives.

Design is as much about function as it is about aesthetics and we are passionate about combing the two to produce interiors that not only engage the people who use them but that make their lives as comfortable and easy as possible.


Full, end-to-end process


As a team we have expertise that enables us to guide you at every stage of the development process from design, through project management, build and fit out. If you are looking for a bespoke team of experts who you can trust to look after your project from end to end then we might just be that team.



Small enough to care, big enough to deliver


Black Circle was started in 2011 by our founders Dan and Laura Jones. We have grown ever since through a focus on customer satisfaction, personal service and objective-led design. We have a strong, core team of highly qualified professionals and a wide network of skilled associates that we can draw on to put together the perfect group tailored to your project.

Unlike more corporate organisations we can guarantee that the same people will lead your project and be your point of contact from beginning to end. No passing the buck. No confused messages. Just personal, professional to professional service.


Enablers, creators, guides

It genuinely is all about you, your objectives and your space but seeing as you are on our Expertise page here is a little about us. We work closely with you to enable your project, create the best space possible but more than that, we are your guides through the development process. Development is not something that most business owners do very often and so can seem daunting. As a team we go further than most to help you navigate the best way through to your new space, perfectly formed to deliver your objectives. Here is a little about who is involved our side.


Daniel Jones | 49| Managing Director

25 years experience in Shopfitting industry, BA Industrial Design from Cardiff Metropolitan University (was UWIC)


Gerwyn Harris | 44 | Senior Design Consultant
19 Years experience in Shopfitting industry, BSc Industrial Design from University of Wales Trinity St David (was Swansea Institute)


James Ingleton | 40 | Design Consultant
15 years experience in Shopfitting industry, BA Industrial Design from Cardiff Metropolitan University (was UWIC)


Laura Jones | 42 | Director
BA Business Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University (was UWIC)


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