We work hard to understand your objectives and how your space can help. We call it objective-led design. It’s where Black Circle fit in.

When we understand you, our professional, qualified team use their experience, talents, skills and qualifications to guide you through the process of creating a space that combines function and aesthetics to help you deliver your goals.

We have expertise spanning the entire development process and will personally manage your project from end to end. One point of contact. No getting lost in the system or frustrated speaking to the wrong people. We will always close the circle.

Extensive expertise in the pharmacy and dental sectors enable us to cut to the chase and avoid you having to induct us first. With over thirteen years in business and years of experience before we set out to change the world as Black Circle mean that we have worked on a large number of projects in other sectors too. Best of both worlds.

Tying it all together is our love of function and design. Purpose and form. Operations and experience. We will design a space for you that works and delivers on looks at the same time. That's the best way to help you achieve your objectives.

We appreciate that some might want to see how far they can push a design and invest to do that while others will prefer to get the job done within a budget. We work to suit you and your needs wherever you are on that spectrum.

Get in touch today for a chat about how we deliver award winning design for you.

Did we mention we are multi-award winners?


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