Pharmacy is all about the detail.

About accuracy and correctness.

So there are accepted ways to do things. Rules to follow. Regulations to meet.

It’s important that your development partners know these rules from the outset.

That’s where Black Circle fit in.


It can make a big difference to your development project, whether your are investing enthusiastically or watching the purse strings, to have a development partner who knows about pharmacy. You won’t have to spend time educating them. You won’t have to worry about whether they have missed anything important. They will be guiding you, not the other way around.

With years of experience and tens of successful pharmacy projects under our belt we are the enablers, the creators and the guides to help make your development project the success you know it can be. Take a look at many of these projects below and learn more about the range of national awards we have won (C+D Pharmacy Design Award Winner 2019) and been nominated for and then became finalists in, the C+D Pharmacy Design Award 2020 and again in 2022 for a number of our pharmacy sites.


Premium pharmacy

If you are ready to invest and want to push the boundaries of what a pharmacy can be, our Premium pharmacy service is for you.

Our highly qualified team will focus on premium quality at every stage of your project from design, through management, build and fit out. We’ll leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a personalised space that oozes creativity with bespoke features while outperforming others on functionality. You’ll have our teams combined experience, talents, skills and qualifications as your guide through the whole process. End to end. No compromises.

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Standard pharmacy

Maybe you’d prefer a solid fit out which does the job without too much fuss and without breaking the bank. If so our Standard pharmacy service is for you.

You’ll get the same great team who will turn their focus to value engineering your project with an emphasis on tried and tested solutions. We’ll deliver a quality fit out to your budget and known timescales. In, out, done.

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