Placebo Pharmacy | Athens Greece


Guest contributor: Gavin Birchall



Number of pharmacies: 1/2

Address: Av. Vouliagmenis, 85 Glyfada, Greece






What they say about themselves

[Translated from Greek by Google]

The year 1990 marks the beginning of the history of pharmacy. At the same time it opens in Glyfada’s largest shopping center of the city, CITY PLAZA and there just chooses Elina open the pharmacy “ELENI Morfopoulos”.

1996 The sister, Lori, come to the pharmacy and develops the department of cosmetics and supplements. *

2009 The pharmacy is clearly a family affair … the group included his brother, Sophocles, who puts his artistic touch of a civil engineering and … the relatively small “square” pharmacy Elina becomes the “ideal” form … Circle!

The caustic words of a friend “… small shops make pharmacists …” were the driving force behind the pharmacy to grow, and the team to turn his gaze from medicine to all human needs. Born of the need for a large multi-pharmacy with a view to total different approach to customer needs.

So … with positive thinking and positive attitude, the recipe executed:

…. the K-LAB designed freely ….

…..oi Future Construction implemented ….

…. the 6 first people dared and were 17 …..

and in this way the new group was drafted and the pharmacy worked with new working hours … * 2015 OPEN ALL DAY to always find what you want with GLADLY PERSONS to help you in whatever you like with CONSTANTLY NEW PRODUCTS to find what you’re asking … so … eventually people believed in PLACEBO idea!

PLACEBO TEAM: people with positive attitude
PLACEBO PHARMACY: Pharmacy positive atmosphere
PLACEBO PHILOSOPHY: positive thoughts every day
PLACEBO SITE: positive posts each time!
PLACEBO TIME: positive acts all day’
PLACEBO CONCEPT: positive energy every minute




This pharmacy is breathtaking and leaves nothing on the table. The ambition is evident to see immediately and is matched by the purity of vision. The architecture itself is a bold statement and the philosophy of the business is captured by the confidence and continuity of the circular shapes used. The owners certainly trusted their designers 100%! The interior curves and the use of plants both as images and real plants all help to create a calming and nurturing environment that feels healthy! It must be a welcome respite from the Grecian sun to wander into the depths of this pharmacy.

It’s exciting to see the recent (2016) development of a digital presence to match the quality of the pharmacy itself. The architectural theme of braille has been carried through to the website which is simple, modern and functional. When a brand concept is carried through every customer touchpoint even into the architecture, this is the result.


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