3D Visuals that really come to life

The power of a 3D visual is always impactful with the client in any design process. At Black Circle we work tirelessly to get the most out of our computer packages to create amazing 3d designs. The Pharmacy Bebington had 3D images created as part of the design process and the end result is true […]

Pharmacy Dispensing Machines

24/7 Pharmacy Dispensing Machine Revolutionizes Collection Article taken from Business News Wales ;  The new Pharmacy known as “Gowerton Pharmacy” was opened on the 1st September 2020 by councillor Susan Jones The owners have made a great investment in the business which includes a 24/7 prescription collection machine, allowing patients’ prescriptions to be collected any time day or night. […]

Buildings, nature and design working together….

Enhancing a buildings features by embracing nature, gives fantastic results. These examples can be scaled down to fit in with different pharmacy design briefs- but what a starting point. The tree as a main feature in a pharmacy creates a calming but interesting environment. Although this example is large the idea can be scaled back […]

How to still have a pharmacy refit during a pandemic

The pharmacy sector has been under enormous pressure since the COVID pandemic. The added footfall  in your pharmacy and extra requirements may have led to reassessment of how your pharmacy works for you, your business, and your customers. Maybe your dispensary is no longer functioning as efficiently as it should? A redesign of the retail […]