Warwick & Radcliffe Pharmacy


I had a great opportunity to move our pharmacy into a new, eco-build, premises adjacent to a health center. I wanted a clean, clinical and calm interior, more akin to a continental pharmacy, but one which still remained true to our rural location and eco-build; it had to be beautiful to look at and at the same time highly practical. I talked to a number of specialist shop fitting companies, only when I spoke with Dan at Black Circle did I think I had someone who understood our idea. After seeing some of the great work he and his team had produced at first hand I was even more convinced and we worked closely together after that to come up with the final layout and details of our new pharmacy. The team at Black Circle did a fine job in both design and standard of fit and all who have visited have been impressed. the calm feel of the pharmacy - even when we are at our busiest periods. I certainly believe that Dan and his team at Black Circle helped us to achieve our original objectives."

I Wilkinson, Owner